Use Bacon Oven Racks &
You’ll Never Go Back To Pan Frying Your Bacon Again!

BaKrisp®️ Bacon Oven Racks Are Uniquely designed for crispy cooked bacon of all lengths and thicknesses.

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Bacon Oven Rack Set

BaKrisp® Bacon Oven Rack Set (2 Racks) is perfect for large gatherings, enabling you to cook up to 9 pieces of crisp Bacon on each Rack at a time! Manufactured in the USA of electro-polished food-grade stainless steel which will last longer use after use.  These oven racks are strong and highly durable. Use it in a Conventional Oven, or an Outdoor Grill. Simply position the Bacon Oven Racks on a BaKrisp® Custom Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Pans, or any oven-safe pans (9”x13” inside-bottom), with sides, to catch drippings. Place your favorite Bacon on the Racks, then follow our Suggested Cooking Times & Temperature Chart for Deliciously Crisp Bacon every time! Your Bacon will be cooked to perfection with less mess and no unnecessary cleanup!

Patented Design

Lifetime Usage

Double Racks


It’s the only way to cook bacon for us now! Amazing that it was so evenly cooked, perfectly crispy and did not shrink up like it does when frying! The best part is the easy cleanup. I highly recommend BaKrisp®️ Bacon Oven Racks for all you bacon lovers!!

— Beverly Andrea

I love it. Takes 15 mins to cook. Crispy, not greasy. Perfect!

— Joyce Blade

Healthiest way to cook bacon – ever! Now enjoy your bacon guilt free.

— Skyy Dobro

We absolutely love It! my husband is a huge bacon guy and he said it made the best Bacon! So yummy and crispy without all the grease!

— Diana Morgan

These oven racks seemed too good to be true. I couldn’t believe how well they cooked the bacon! They’ve turned me into a bacon snob.

— Becky W.

90 Day Warrantee

90 Day Warrantee

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Money Back Guarantee

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Domestic Shipping

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24 Hour Customer Issue Resolution


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